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Okan University Call for "Ideas Shaping Future Smart Vehicles"

Okan University Call for "Ideas Shaping Future Smart Vehicles"

Okan University initiated the "Idea Campaign That Shapes the Future's Smart Vehicle Studies". The campaign will be evaluated within the scope of the "Innovative Intelligent and Communicating Vehicle Technologies Development and Clustering Center" project supported by the Istanbul Development Agency and in partnership with the Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association (TESID), the Software Industrialists Association (YASAD) and the Vehicle Supporting Industrialists Association (TAYSAD).

Within the scope of this campaign, advanced stage projects will be initiated for innovative products and services in the entire value chain related to smart and communicating vehicles. Idea development studies for the smart vehicles of the future will be carried out with original and innovative methods developed at Okan University and are open to all stakeholders on the basis of Open Innovation methodology.

Applications will be evaluated by a jury composed of TESİD, TAYSAD, YASAD officials and Okan University Academicians.

Applications will be received electronically from "" until 17:00 on 30 November 2019.

 The application guide and letter of undertaking are listed below.